2014 New Year’s Resolutions: Update!

I can’t say I’ve been keeping track of my New Year’s Resolutions too closely but I am pleasantly surprised to see I’m doing well. 1)      Finish reading the Bible I’m not reading from start to finish. Instead I am skipping around so I don’t stall and lose momentum (usually around 2 Chronicles). I likely won’t

2014 Reading Challenge: Update!

This has been a slow reading year for me.  So far I’ve only read 15 books. I seriously underestimated how much reading I used to do on public transit. Now that I drive, I read a lot less. To counter, that I’m looking into audiobooks. My results There’s no way I’ll complete my challenges this

#DiverseCanLit Chat: July 10 Libraries

Date: Thursday July 10, 2014 Time: 8pm ET Topic: Libraries Though retailers usually dominate the conversation about the business of books and literature, libraries are key in discussions about literacy, literature, and diversity. Use the #DiverseCanLit tag to follow along on Twitter (or TweetChat). Below are a few of the questions we may cover: What is

Cooking with Léonicka

It was 5pm on a work day and my tummy started grumbling. I’d already eaten lunch and snacked on everything in the office. “Can’t wait for dinner,” I mumbled to myself, and started to pack my bags. Then I remembered there might not be dinner when I got home. I live with my parents (‘cause

#DiverseCanLit Chat: July 2 Book Buying

Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Time: 8pm ET Topic: Book Book Buying I hope y’all are enjoying your Canada Day long weekend! Last week was fantastic for #DiverseCanLit. I spoke about our chats on CBC Here and Now and we had a our first post-summer vacation chat! This week we’re continuing the conversation we had

#DiverseCanLit Chat: June 25 Book Sales

Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Time: 8pm ET Topic: Book Sales After looking at our survey results, we’ll be keeping the DiverseCanLit chats on Wednesdays at 8pm. Didn’t take the survey? Take it now so you can give your input. Use the #DiverseCanLit tag to follow along on Twitter (or TweetChat).  Book selling is the

#DiverseCanLit: Survey and Summer Break!

What a journey so far! We’ve had sixteen chats and two in-person meet-ups since January! I’m so glad you all are enjoying the conversations and I hope our community continues to grow. For now I want to hit the pause button and do a bit of assessment. After six months I want to hear from