Library Love

Today I went to the public library’s website and entered my 14-digit library card number from memory. That’s when I realized I’m hooked.

This is, of course, the best problem to have. I keep a tight budget and simply can’t let myself blow hundreds of dollars buying books on a whim. But I can’t stop myself from reading either. The library is giving me access to so many books for free.

I have four books checked out: Who Fears Death, Destiny’s Embrace, The Color Purple, and Cold Fire. No way I could have bought all these at once.

I also checked out the Lean In audiobook using Overdrive. (Both the print book and ebook had a millions holds.)

I also have four books on hold: Americanah, The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, Claire of the Sea Light, and Orleans.

I am especially excited about Orleans, not only because I’m reading it as part of a book club, but also because I asked the librarians to buy it. That’s right! I was looking for two books (Orleans and The Best of All Possible Worlds) and when I couldn’t find them I sent the librarian an email. Two days later the librarian replied:

“The books you have requested below will be ordered and you can check the
database in a few weeks to place your holds.Thanks for your suggestions.”

Librarians are superheros.

If I seem way too excited, you clearly have not visited your library lately. Get your butt over there and get properly enthused!

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  1. June 14, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Yay – I LOVE the library. First of all Baba Segi’s Wife LOVED that book!!!! Okay, so back to the library … yay for us library users! I would never read as much as I do without the library – and I would probably stick to the authors I’m familiar with if I were only buying books.

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