YOU Can Increase Diversity in Publishing

Too often the conversations about the lack of diversity in publishing revolve around proving there’s actually a problem and trying to figure out why. In my opinion, both topics are rehashed red herrings. The only people who need convincing are those blinded by their own privilege and since the reasons are varied and complicated, trying to name a single one (other than institutionalized racism) is an exercise in futility.

So let’s talk about solutions.

As I commented on Ellen Oh’s post, the publishing industry isn’t a nebulous organizations shrouded in secrecy–it’s us. Publishing is a business and we are all stakeholders. If we all take ownership of the problem and demand change it will happen. But you, yes you, have to act. Right now.

To make it easy, I’ll be sharing easy ways you can increase diversity in publishing and archiving them here. My passion lies in racial and ethnic diversity but these suggestions can be used to increase diversity of all sorts.

I encourage y’all to share these posts widely, and to give your own tips in the comments. Even better, give examples of what you have done already.

We can fix this, my friends. I dare anyone to try to stop us.

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