I’m not one thing. For too long I had been trying to splinter myself, showing a different sliver to each group. I had one blog for all my bookish content—reviews, challenges, etcetera. I had another that was about my personal growth and my struggles while finding my path. My tumblr is primarily about travel and pop culture.  And then there are all my impromptu thoughts on social issues that deserve blog posts but instead get a string of tweets.

Keeping it all straight was exhausting. So, after many false starts, I created this site as a place where I can be wholly me.

This site isn’t just for me though; it’s for you too!  Yes, I’m loud and opinionated but I value your opinions as much as my own.  I want to listen and lift you up. Tell me about your work, your passions, your wildest dreams. Feel free to share your frustrations, your fears, your niggling insecurities. Léonicka.com is also a place where you can be wholly you.

Contacting me is easy!

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(My opinions are my own and not my employers. Duh.)