Consulting for Organizations

It can be difficult to identify systemic problems in an organization, especially when you are not among the people most harmed by the policies. Every time I discuss the pervasive inequity in the publishing industry, people reply

“How can I fix this? What can I do to improve?”

Glad you asked. I am pleased to offer my consulting services to any organization who doesn’t know how to begin tackling publishing’s diversity problem. I will:

  • Create a report with quantitative and qualitative data detailing the current status of your organization/project as it relates to marginalized/minority peoples.
  • Identify the policies and behaviors that cause the most harm.
  • Suggest solutions (including strategies for implementation) that will do the most good.
  • Implement the strategies you choose

I have given several interviews and written countless posts filled with advice on the topic. But the best way for you to get practical solutions tailored precisely for your needs, is to work with me directly. I have helped conference organizers, publicists, literary agents, and editors of literary publications. I am certain I can help you.

Rates vary based on the size and scope of your organization or project. Contact me for a quote today.