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I’m bored as hell

I wanna watch TV. Or a movie. But preferably one with people of color in it so I don’t have a fail week. I could read a book but I kinda want something mindless to do… Suggestions?

POC Media Week 1: July 14 – July 22

On Tumblr I wrote about my commitment to extend my POCreading challenge to all my entertainment. Since a significant amount of that entertainment includes reading, I think it is fitting to record my progress here.  This week will count as…

On POC in the media I consume — part 2

My Tumblr dash is what inspired me to reevaluate my entertainment choices. Specifically pictures of Emma Stone. Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Stone have been the most prominent actresses on my dash this year. After July 20th I’m sure…


My mom bought me patriotic Star-Spangled undies. Now I’m sad I don’t have a Star-Spangled bra. I guess sexytime with Captain America will have to wait. *sigh*