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Cirque du Soleil Immortal Tour

Cirque du Soleil Immortal Tour: Their rendition of this song was the best of the night. The dancers were dressed as militaristic robot-drones. The lights in the middle of their chests flashed dollar signs when talking about corporate greed, and flashed hearts and peace signs when talking about potential solutions to the worlds issues. I immediately thought of the Occupy movement. This song fits wonderfully.

What I watched at TIFF: Killer Joe


I saw this film at Elgin Theatre while on my volunteer shift (yay volunteering!). I love Matthew McConaughey, the poster was dark and dramatic, and the rush line was huge so I thought I would enjoy it. (Yes, that really is how…

Volunteering for TIFF

For those who don’t know, I signed up to volunteer for the Toronto International Film Festival this year. I’m incredibly glad I did. Seriously, if anyone is interested in film, and wants to see what the festival has to offer,…


TIFF 2011