#DiverseCanLit is looking for co-hosts!

Happy New Year!  I hope 2015 has brought a boat-load of new opportunities for all of you — it certainly has for me!

I can hardly believe that around this time last year, I had just launched the #DiverseCanLit Twitter chats. The conversations have been amazing and I’ve learned a lot from all of you. You may have noticed, however, that the chats petered out near the end of the year. As I got busier at work, and world events became increasingly upsetting, I did not have the time or energy to invest in a weekly chat. But I recognize the importance of the conversation; the knowledge we shared with each other every week was invaluable and this discussion is too important to fade. So I’m asking for help!

I’d like to resume the chats this year with more participation from you! If you’re willing to host a Twitter chat please fill out the form below!


  • Hosting a #DiverseCanLit chat includes:
    • Choosing the topic
    • Preparing the questions
    • Moderating the hour long chat on Twitter
    • Compiling and archiving the conversation for posterity
  • Frequency and schedule to be determined. No more than once every other week.
  • This is a part-time volunteer position. No one involved in this Twitter chat is getting paid. Yet.


  • Host must be a Canadian or living in Canada.
  • Host must self-identify as part of a marginalized community.
  • Host must love books (obviously).

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